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About holoMaXx technologies corporation
There are a lot of so-called ecommerce companies out there, but there is only one holoMaXx technologies. We're a little bit controversial, a little unusual (sometimes) but always efficient and effective. Our rich history dates back beyond the tech boom of 1999...back to the days when the internet was just a new way to get porn and pirated software...circa 1994. Incorporated in 2002, holoMaXx technologies has continued its role as a leader in high-end eCommerce Business Development.

Today the internet - and web in particular - is a bustling marketplace. It offers many opportunities to just about anyone who has a computer. Seizing those opportunities and making them a success is where we come in. holoMaXx technologies consists of a group of professionals who operate behind the scenes, making the internet you see today possible. We specialize in all forms of ecommerce business development and we have years of experience to back us up.

Our success as a company rests on the success of our clients and their need to grow and expand. Unlike most so-called ecommerce development companies out there, holoMaXx technologies seeks to play an active role in your online AND offline success. Whether you are just starting out or already have your feet in the water, holoMaXx technologies can help you find the most efficient method to grow your business and exceed your goals.

holoMaXx technologies corporation is a member in good standing with the BBB. We are fully US-based and we take pride in delivering quality results to our clients.